We Recruit SDRs For Growing Startups

We hire, recruit, train, on-board and/or coach in-house teams for a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting agency. I have been doing this for almost a decade and still do it daily for our Clients and Seed2C.

Unlike most traditional recruiters, we only specialize in Sales Development and have reps in our pipeline looking for both remote or on-site, purely performance or base plus commission. 

Please email me directly at Gino@Seed2C.com so we can schedule a conversation to understand you wants and needs.

SDRs are some of your most crucial hires. They are far too important to the desired growth of early stage startups to be overlooked. Meetings, SQLs, Opportunities and Pipeline are exactly what expedite growth and funding.

Coaching and Training

Efficient Sales Dev Onboarding

This is arguably the most important aspect of Sales Development. Especially if you are hiring representatives with experience that isn't always directly relevant. I've built a flexible 4 week calendar that covers multiple proven approaches from my experience and favorite books. This program has recommendations for both first time SDRs and seasoned Enterprise reps.

SDR Manager Program

Top SDRs are often asked to Lead or Manage without any formal training. I was. I've summed up my past 10 years of experience into a 10 day, 2 hours a day, 1:1 course for all first time Leads and Managers. Effective new sales development leaders can significantly change the course of a startup and the funding raised between Seed to C rounds.

Go-To-Market Strategy

For years I set aside nights and weekends to consult for GLG market trends and sales development. My focus and passion is now on developing effective go-to-market strategies for newly funded companies or releasing a newer product. Too often growing companies over hire out of desperation. They focus on sales results more than pipeline development. This service will save companies from wasting significant time and money in their most fragile stages.

Productive 1:1s

Often my first question to SDR leaders is how do you structure your 1:1s and what do you cover. The lack of structured answers I get always concerns me as time spent developing SDRs, holding them accountable and focused, is as important as anything an SDR leader does. 1:1s can be the most or least productive hour in an SDRs week, yet many SDR leaders have neither short nor long term plans for their teams. This program will leave a leader with metrics, structure and a roadmap to ensure SDRs are engaged and developing.

SDR Specific

Making Unselfish Calls


No matter your industry or product, all cold calls usually get the same handful of objections in the first 5 to 10 seconds. This half day class shows SDRs how to prepare, how to be unselfish, how to overcome objections and progress their accounts forward each and every call. Phones are not dead, not even close. The growing inability to effectively communicate is just giving us that perception.

Email Personalization


AI has hit the email outreach industry hard the past few years and is here to stay. What AI can't (yet) replace is genuine, thorough, research and personalization. With all the information available and personally put out there, writing highly personal, professional emails is as affective as it has ever been. This half day class empowers SDRs to beat AI and book those targeted accounts all startups want.

Effectively Working Remotely


Every SDR I know has mentioned they wanted to work remote. The problem with remote work is it slows personal development. Even the top SDRs I've worked with, wouldn't develop remotely as well as they would have in a room full of peers. This is an on-going course, created based on your level and goals, to ensure being remote doesn't lead to your development and career being stagnant.

Career Development


Many companies use the SDR role as an entry point to Sales, while failing to fully acknowledge the day-to-day of an SDR doesn't always prepare them for their next Sales position. This program prepares SDRs for this transition by educating and implementing focus on a thorough understanding of each step in a full sales cycle.